The most expensive part…


Let talk about booking flights!

Here are a few general tips to help:

  • In general, large airline carriers have sales in January and September. Smaller, cheaper airlines have sales randomly year round.
  • If you’re looking for a flight deal, it’s best if you’re flexible. If you travel during popular peak periods (like school breaks or popular holidays) there is no point waiting for a deal, you won’t get one.
  • Sign up for email alerts from sites, some like will alert you when the fare for your specific route is lower.
  • If you are traveling far, maybe going overseas, you can often save money by taking a short flight to a larger airport. For example, I live in Kansas City. Instead of flying straight to Paris from KC, I saved hundreds of dollars by taking a cheap flight to Chicago (a larger international airport) and flying to Paris from there.
  • For overseas trips, travel between mid April and June to get the best prices. Avoid peak times which are July – August and December – January.
  • If you just happen to love travel like I do and don’t care where you’re headed when you have free time, subscribe to a site like that will tell you current flight deals from your home. Pick a place and go!

Hope these help!

2 thoughts on “The most expensive part…

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