7 Super Cute things to do in Tokyo!

My recent trip to Tokyo, Japan was epic! After coming home and looking at the photo’s I realized it was also a 9 year old’s dream vacation. I spent all my time doing super Kawaii (which means Cute!) things. They say when you travel you find yourself, in Tokyo I found out I’m immature and love all things cute and girly, and I’m OK with that! If you are a lover of all things Kawaii, super cute, and fun, then check out the list below of all my favorite things to do in Tokyo.

#1 Visit Animals at a Cafe’s

Japan is an animal lovers paradise. When I was researching things to do, so many things that I found centered around animals. These cafes are all the rage in Tokyo and there is one for so many different types of animal: dog cafe, bird, owl, snake, and I visited a Bengal cat cafe and a bunny cafe. Basically you pay an entrance fee that includes usually one beverage and you get to interact with the animals for a period of time.

At Bengal Cat Forest Harajuku, the entrance fee for is 780 yen for an adult ($6.97), 580 yen ($5.18) for a child, free for 3 year old and under, and includes one drink and all the cat fur you can handle!

I visited Ra a. g. f. bunny cafe, where you can choose either half hour for 800 yen or a full hour for 1100 yen. Food bowls cost extra at 150 yen and I highly recommend buying food if you want the rabbits to interact more with you.

The bunnies were super cute and the ladies who worked there knew each bunny well, they were quick to let me know snack preferences for each one.  You can play with all of the bunnies in their cages and you can select 1 to be taken out every 15 minutes. They were super adorable.

#2 Eat at Kawaii Monster Cafe



Kawaii Monster cafe is a bright fun restaurant that you have to experience! I shared all the info in a previous post, check all the photos and info out here.

#3 Takeshita street shopping

Takeshita street is the Kawaii capital of the universe! All things cute live here including the next 3 things to do! When you walk down the street there are so many adorable stores, restaurants and cafes. It is the perfect place to learn all about the culture and find cute things to wear.

#4 Purikura photos

Purikura is a photo booth machine that lets you edit your photos, add effects and wording. I visited a store with many different booths and it was packed! All the ladies were lining up at their favorite booth to have photos taken. I picked one and went for it. It is definitely a fun, cute experience.

Purikura photo booth mall
Usagi photo booth

#5 Have a multi colored cotton candy at Totti Candy Factory and eat a crepe


Candy bar
The menu

Totti Candy Factory is the perfect stop for an adorable sugar rush. There was a line while I was there but it moved pretty quickly. As you walk through the small store you can choose to buy candy in a bundle with a cotton candy or just get it alone.

The crepes are to die for, stop at any small store and grab one!

#6 Visit 6% Doki Doki

This store houses the brand that brought Kawaii culture to Japan in 1995. Many people think of the founder Sebastian Masuda as one of the forefathers of the Kawaii  movement. Stopping in to see the sensory overload and buying a trinket is a must.

6%DOKIDOKI Harajuku Shop

#7 Hang out with Mickey at Tokyo Disney

Disney is a given, no matter where you are it is always a good idea. As I said via Instagram, the thing that surprised me was how reasonable the tickets were compared to the US. In Orlando, single day tickets are about $115, In Tokyo they were about $65.62. They also have cheaper passes if you got after 3pm. You can expect classic Disney, they always get it right.


Easter Decorations at Disney


Alice in Wonderland restaurant


Hope these photo’s inspire you to visit Tokyo, if it’s not on your list it definitely should be especially if you travel with kids. Ever been to Tokyo? Want to go? want to know more? leave a comment below.

6 thoughts on “7 Super Cute things to do in Tokyo!

  1. Mallory: Tokyo has always been on my Bucket List, now it has moved pretty close to the top. Thanks for sharing your experience and for painting such a colorful picture of your experience there. I know you and Dior has a blast! Can’t wait to see more photos.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great Post:) I recently moved to Tokoyo and looking forward to visiting the locations you mentioned above. 🙂 Especially Disney😊 Thank You!

    Liked by 1 person

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