My name is Mally, and I am a broke ass girl.

You know, a regular person. I am not rich! Far from it! I work a regular 9-5 job making an average amount of money. But my favorite thing to do is travel and whenever I get a chance I go see the world.

In the springĀ of 2016 I told my mother excitedly, “Im Going to Paris in july!” I couldn’t wait for the trip, Paris is one of my favorite cities. My moms response was, “How? You don’t have money for that. Trips overseas cost thousands of dollars.” Which is true, the average roundtrip cost for a flight to Paris from Kansas City, MO. (where I live) is around $2000. I paid around 1/4 of this price. How? you ask? I’m going to tell you all the tips I use, keep you updated on all the sales, and feature broke ass travelers like you and I who have gone on trips and how they did it. Stop by as often as you’d like, Thanks!